2021/06/03 Far Out Tom Taylor Six definitive songs: The ultimate beginner’s guide to Curtis Mayfield “Our purpose is to educate as well as to entertain. Painless preaching is as good a term as any for what we do.” – Curtis Mayfield (※”私たちの目的は、楽しませるだけでなく、教育することです。


” – カーティス・メイフィールド(Curtis Mayfield) ※中略 His finger-to-the-pulse of society propagation and exhilarating celebration of life wrapped up in the most toe-tapping sonic fireworks display continued throughout his career. While musical accolades often do not demark quality or contribution, the fact he was a double inductee to the. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clearly indicates the impact that he had. Below, we’re diving into the best places to start in a journey through one of the most upbeat stars in music’s glinting career. (※彼は、社会の発展のために指を動かし、人生を謳歌することで、耳をつんざくような音の花火を打ち上げることができる。




) The six definitive songs of Curtis Mayfield: ●‘People Get Ready’ (with The Impressions)
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